How To Install Oracle WebLogic Server In Eclipse/STS

If you try to install Oracle Weblogic on Eclipse/STS 2020 or any latest version of Eclipse/STS. You will not be able to install Weblogic Servers in it. You will get errors like.

This happens when Eclipse is using OpenJDK instead of oracle.
There are two ways to set Java JRE/JDK for eclipse usage. Either we configure it as an environmental variable or manually provide the path to oracle JDK in INI file. In this article, we are using the second way.

Here are steps to install oracle weblogic.


  1. Download Oracle JDK 11/latest
  2. Install Oracle JDK
  3. Download Eclipse/STS
  4. Install Eclipse/STS
  5. Download Weblogic
  6. Install WebLogic
  7. Edit eclipse.ini / SpringToolSuite4.ini file and change VM from OpenJDK to Oracle JDK

Original eclipse.ini/ SpringToolSuite4.ini file

Updated eclipse.ini/ SpringToolSuite4.ini file

Note : remember to use forward slash(/) for file path instead of using backward slash

8. Un install JustJ OpenJDK

a. go to help-> About Eclipse IDE -> Installation Details -> Installed Software
b. search for Justj JDK and uninstall it

9. Window -> show view -> Servers

10. Add Oracle Repository in Eclipse

In eclipse, Go to Help -> Install New Software..
Click Add to add a new update site. Enter the “Name” Oracle and enter the “Location” . Then click “Add”.
Select Tools then weblogic tools as shown in images

11. Install new Server , Now there you can find Oracle Weblogic Server



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